Free Arts NYC A-Z Project Launch Party located atop the Hearst Tower, alongside Harper's Bazaar

Collaborated with 45+ artists, designers, and the like to design a letter of the alphabet—which was then transposed into Free Arts new logo and branding system

Letter "E," sculpted by Stephen Doyle later transposed from 3D to 2D element as part of the Free Arts Alphabet

A full branding system produced and streamlined from various physical artworks, sculptures, and artist contributions

Produced and designed stationery system

Produced and designed branded erasers, and sketchbooks that were distributed to underserved children mentored by Free Arts

Merchandise production and design

Longevity in branding translated across various types of merchandise

Number "8," by Mike Perry later digitally transposed as part of the Free Arts Alphabet

Alphabet branding beautifully displayed as wine labels

All original art created by artists, designers, and sculptors - later transposed to rebrand Free Arts design system

From 2D illustration design to 3D merchandise by Jennifer Fisher x Harper's Bazaar

Beautifully branded souvenirs to help launch Free Arts